How we do it

 Implementation Strategy.


  • Mobilization of financial resources: This initiative financially is based on donations from individuals and We will continue to mobilize resources as we keep expanding.


  • Individual donations. Initially, through a network of families and friends, we have been able to mobilize some resources to launch the It is new but we have experienced a great start. We have so far covered about 15 kids through individual donations. Individuals’ donations continue to be the main source for the gradual growth of the program. We will keep enrolling more kids as soon as the resources become available.

  • Institutional As we expand, we are trying to attract institutional donors to support the program, as well. We expect institutions to mobilize their resources and invest in this very humanitarian program. We want to develop and expand the program all the way to a point where there is no single child left on the streets. 

  • Mobilization of human resources and logistics: We have established two teams – a core team that leads the operation by providing strategies and setting policies out of our headquarter in Toronto Canada; and an operation team on the ground that takes on the actual activities in the

 The field office team is equipped with dynamic, enthusiastic, and dedicated individuals, who have all volunteered to help with the operation. The team is dedicated to conducting all the administrative tasks and paper works out of the Kabul field office.

The Kabul field office will provide professional and efficient administrative support to the operation on a day-to-day basis. The assigned administrator will report to the STCO director in Kabul Afghanistan as well as to the President/CEO in Toronto, Canada. The assigned administrator will also facilitate the transfer of funds from the Toronto office to selected children. He/she will work alongside volunteers in finding eligible children for aid, engage in fundraising, including marketing and social media updates, etc.


  • An important feature of this program is transparency. When it comes to the processing of funds from donors to the actual beneficiaries, the information is shared with the donors on a regular and systematic basis every month. The donors will know which kids are the ultimate beneficiaries. Donors will be able to see tangible results that come out of their charity and contributions (investment/donation) at any time and day that they may wish to access information. The delivery method to handle these financial assistances is designed in a very safe and secure way that possibility of waste or misuse is not conceivable at all.

Monitoring. All activities are monitored by the STCO team in Canada.

 . Financial Monitoring: All financial transactions including the transfer of funds and ad-hoc purchases are all conducted through bank accounts and monitored on regular basis. For example, STCO has a registered branch in Kabul Afghanistan, and has a U.S. bank account along with an Afghani account. In addition, each recipient will get to open a bank account to receive funds.

 The funds collected in Canada are deposited in the STCO account in Canada and then transferred through wire transfer to the STCO account in the U.S. account in Kabul. The funds from the STCO U.S. account are then transferred to the Afghani account, which converts the U.S. to Afghani and then is distributed to the recipient’s accounts.

All the financial transactions are monitored and conducted digitally and through established bank accounts. All transactions are recorded and accessible to donors, STCO members, and other stakeholders.

 . Activity Monitoring: All non-financial activities in Canada or in Afghanistan are monitored by the STCO team in Canada. The activities are reported and monitored mostly through the WhatsApp account. All transactions, messages, and exchanges are recorded and archived. 


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