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1.       The Challenge

The plight of orphans and poor children on the streets of Kabul and other parts of Afghanistan is well known to all. These innocent children, instead of attending school, are forced to work hard on the streets to win a piece of bread for themselves and their families. The street-working kids’ dilemma has been widely publicized over and over in the past—no need to repeat.

The consequences of this situation are dangerous. As you know, if a child was out of school, working on the streets fifteen years ago, today he is an adult, illiterate, unprofitable, a burden to the society, and often a slave, possibly a thief or even a murderer. We can safely say a high percentage of today’s robberies in Kabul are committed by the same young people who grew up on the streets away from education. Undoubtedly, the future of today’s working kids on the streets will be no different from today’s young adults mentioned above.

2.       The Solution

Fortunately, a team of committed, honest and hardworking youths has taken the initiative and launched an excellent humanitarian program that will ensure working kids be rescued from the streets and sent back to school. The program is established in the form of a non-profit entity, the “School Time Charity Organization (STCO).” STCO is led by a team Afghan Canadian board of directors in Canada, with a dedicated operation team in Kabul.

3.       Program Description

  • Goal: Ensure no street working children are left out of school in Afghanistan.
  • Objective: Provide financial resources and education for children who are not able to attend school due to low family income and mandatory labor work.
  • Output: Eeligible street working kids are identified, enrolled to school, and their families get financially supported.

3.4.    Activities:

  • Our team on the ground searches to identify eligible kids from streets.
    • Talk to families of the identified kids to further assess eligibility and seek their permission to allow their kids go back to school.
    • Once permission granted, collect a consent in writing from the parent/guardian of the kid.
    • The kid will then be mobilized and enrolled to a nearby school as appropriate.
    • In return, the organization will pay the child’s parent/guardian, the amount of money that the child used to bring home to support his/her family. This will free up the poor kid from the shackles of labour or begging or selling plastic bags on the streets.


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