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Who we are

About us

Our Mission

At The School Time Charity Organization, our charge is clear and unvarying. We’re driven by the profound belief that every child deserves access to education, anyhow of their circumstances. Our purpose is to break the cycle of poverty by furnishing fiscal backing and educational openings to orphaned children in Afghanistan. By doing so, we aim to empower the unborn leaders of Afghanistan, icing a brighter and further hopeful hereafter.

Vision for the unborn

Our vision extends beyond the present challenges. We fantasize a future where every child in Afghanistan has the occasion to admit a quality education, irrespective of their background. Through our sweats, we aspire to contribute to the creation of a society where education is a abecedarian right, not a luxury.

What Drives Us

The driving force behind our association is the recognition of the critical part education plays in shaping the fortune of individuality and nations. We’re motivated by the desire to transfigure the lives of orphaned children, offering them a chance to break free from the chains of poverty and make a better future for themselves and their communities