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What We Do

What We Do ?

We provide education funding for children who are not able to attend school due to monetary problems, family income, or other financial circumstances that restricts them from attending school.

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How We Do It ?

We scout children based on the following criteria:

  • Must be an orphan

  • Aged between 7-14

  • Engaged in labor

  • Willing to but not able to attend school

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What Happens To Your Donations?

  • Your donations are collected into School Time Charity Organization (STCO) bank account located in Canada.

  • The funds are wire transferred from Canada to the STCO bank account in Kabul, Afghanistan.

  • From the STCO Afghanistan account, the funds are then transferred into children’s bank accounts.

  • As per the STCO policies, children that receive funds will be provided a bank account. Children’s guardian ….

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How you can help

You can help by sponsoring a child on a monthly basis which replaces their earnings to their families and be able to go to school

Children Need your support

You can help by giving us one time or monthly donations that will help with operating costs of our current plan (Excess amounts will be used for sponsoring a child)



Abdullah is a hard-working boy. He works hard to help his family. He is 7 years old and lost his father 3 years ago due to liver cancer. His father...

Subhan Esmatullah

Subhan Esmatullah

Subhan lives in Kabul Afghanistan with his mother, two brothers and two sisters. His father died on March 2021 from mental illness. He was working...

Osman Aminullah

Osman Aminullah

Osman son of Amin lives in Kabul city district 17. He lost his father in an explosion and his mother is blind. Haider lives with his mother little...

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